Forthcoming event, 18 May 2017, Brussels – Implementing the EU Global Strategy: EU civilian crisis management and the integrated approach in perspective

Correspondent: Gilberto Algar-Faria
Date: 20 April 2017


EU-CIVCAP’s next workshop takes place in a month’s time in Brussels, Belgium. Please see below for details about the event, including registration details and the programme for the day.

Implementing the EU Global Strategy: EU civilian crisis management and the integrated approach in perspective

Thursday 18 May 2017

Brussels Campus of Maastricht University
Avenue de l’Armée 10, 1040 Brussels (Montgomery roundabout)

Registration: (please include name, position, affiliation)

This event is organised by the EU-CIVCAP research project ( which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 653227.


14:00 Registration

14:30 Comparing EU, UN and OSCE approaches to conflict prevention, crisis management and peacebuilding

Chair: Prof. Sophie Vanhoonacker, Maastricht University

  • Dr. Hylke Dijkstra, Maastricht University
  • Peter Horne Zartsdahl, Roskilde University
  • Ambassador Dame Rosalind Marsden, Chatham House, former EU Special Representative, and former UK ambassador
  • Prof. Joachim Koops, Vesalius College Brussels

16:00 Coffee/tea break

16:30 Roundtable: The EU’s integrated approach and its added value to international security

Chair: Dr. Petar Petrov, Maastricht University

  • Dr. Giovanni Faleg, CEPS
  • Bert Versmessen, Deputy Civilian Operations Commander, EEAS, Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability
  • Annick Hiensch, Political Affairs Officer, United Nations Liaison Office for Peace and Security
  • Dr. Nicoletta Pirozzi, IAI Rome

18:00 Drinks reception

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