Giovanni Faleg on the EU’s Comprehensive and Integrated Approach

Correspondent: Gilberto Algar-Faria
Date: 20 April 2018


We are pleased to announce that the EU-CIVCAP partner CEPS has recently launched its first of an exciting new range of video commentaries, collectively known as #CEPScomments. One of the latest videos in this series stars EU-CIVCAP staff member Giovanni Faleg, who speaks about the EU’s Comprehensive and Integrated Approach to external conflicts and crises. You can watch the one-and-a-half minute video below:

The video expands on EU-CIVCAP Deliverable 4.3, “Report on EU comprehensive approach to conflict prevention and peacebuilding“, which was also summarised in a recent EU-CIVCAP blog article entitled “Has the Integrated Approach (finally) taken the EU responses to conflicts to the next level?

Related Deliverable

DL 4.3
Report on EU comprehensive approach to conflict prevention and peacebuilding

Authors: Faleg, G.N. PirozziB. Venturi and N. Habbida
Lead Institution: Centre for European Policy Studies

Published: 23 March 2018

[PDF, ~0.8MB; click to access]


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