Alice Panepinto

Expert Network Expert of the Month – December 2017 Contributor

Alice Panepinto is a Lecturer within the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast. Prior to this, she was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Human Rights in Practice at Warwick Law School, where she was also part of the editorial team of Lacuna, the Centre’s human rights magazine (

Alice’s research on transitional justice and the right to the truth spans across human rights and international law, with a strong interdisciplinary interest in comparative law, socio-legal studies and Islamic legal systems. She holds a PhD from Durham University Law School, defending a thesis on ‘Relocating Transitional Justice from International Law to Muslim-majority Legal Systems: Concepts, Approaches and Ways Forward’. Her teaching experience includes human rights, public international law and international security.

Alice was previously based in Jerusalem as a 2014 UN-DESA Fellow in Human Rights (assigned to the Italian Development Cooperation) working on a range of international law and justice sector issues in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Hebron. Through her practitioner work she has developed technical expertise on human rights and IHL in Palestine and the Israeli-Palestinian context, which forms the basis for her new research projects.

Articles Authored

Recognising State Sovereignty for a Just, Lasting and Comprehensive Peace in Palestine and Israel? (1 December 2017) - Seventy years since General Assembly Resolution 181 (partition), a just, lasting and comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and the emergence of a sovereign and independent State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel as recognised in that resolution, are yet to be achieved. World leaders have tried – and failed – to achieve a just resolution for the most symbolic conflict in the Middle East. What should they be focusing on now and in the new year?