Anita Lacey

Expert Network

Anita Lacey is Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations, University of Auckland. She is an activist academic and her research, teaching and activism intersect.She is active in the Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies (MCTS) and the Conflict, Terrorism and Peace group (CTAP) at the University of Auckland. Anita has published on the governance of global poverty and the new global aid regime; the security-development nexus; urbanization and development; resistances to neoliberal globalization; non-governmental organizations; feminist teaching praxis; protest and gendered protest spaces; mobility; and development and women’s livelihoods. She is currently researching relationships between urbanization, gendered insecurities and women’s livelihoods. Her research focuses largely on Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Namibia, although she is engaged in research in the wider Pacific context, and one of her current research projects considers women’s livelihoods and political participation in Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Solomon Islands.