Anne Ingemann Johansen

Expert Network Expert of the Month – January 2017 Contributor

Anne Ingemann Johansen is a PhD fellow at the Department of Social Sciences and Business at Roskilde University in Denmark. Her PhD project is situated in the nexus of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and the Common Foreign and Security Policy, which is combined with strategic studies and governance literature in a study of how the division of competence between the EU and the member states across different policy fields is affecting the Union’s strategic capability in addressing the issue of the organised smuggling of migrants in the Mediterranean. More specifically, her PhD research focuses on the cases of EUNAVFOR MED, Frontex’s Operation Triton and Europol’s Jot Mare.

Anne holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Political Science from the University of Southern Denmark. She has also been an Erasmus exchange student at Sciences Po (Paris), where during her Master in European Affairs, she specialised in European Foreign and Security Policy. In the spring of 2016, she was a visiting scholar at the Institute for European Studies at Vrije University in Brussels during which she also conducted fieldwork for her PhD in the EU institutions. Her research interests include EU Security Policy (Internal and External), the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, Strategic Studies and EU Governance.

Articles Authored

Sophia as a Showcase for the Bridging of External and Internal Security? (1 January 2017) - In a globalised world, few security issues can be addressed by a single actor or through the use of a single instrument.