Christian Schweiger

Expert Network Expert of the Month – September 2016 Contributor

Christian Schweiger is Visiting Professor at the Chair for Comparative European Governance Systems in the Institute for Political Science at Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany.

His research concentrates on the comparative study of political systems, economies and welfare states of the member states of the European Union (particularly the UK, Germany and transformation in the CEE countries), the political economy of the EU Single Market, economic globalisation and transatlantic relations. His most recent publications include the jointly edited collection with José M. Magone and Brigid Laffan Core-periphery Relations in the European Union: Power and conflict in a dualist political economy (Routledge, 2016), the monograph Exploring the EU’s Legitimacy Crisis: The Dark Heart of Europe (Edward Elgar, 2016) and the forthcoming edited collection Central and Eastern Europe in the EU: Challenges and Perspectives Under Crisis Conditions (Routledge, June 2018).

Articles Authored

The EU’s steady decline as a legitimate external crisis manager (1 September 2016) - Using the term crisis in connection with the EU has become an increasingly familiar occurrence in recent years as the Union has been rattled by a series of lingering internal and external challenges.