David Gorman

Expert Network

David Gorman has been working in the field of conflict resolution and humanitarianism for over twenty years. He has worked primarily in the West Bank and Gaza, Bosnia, Liberia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Libya and Ukraine.

In the West Bank and Gaza, David helped facilitate a local dialogue process between communities in the East and West of Jerusalem. In Liberia, he helped set up local dialogue groups in rural communities during the conflict. In Bosnia he brought together Serb and Croat communities in local development projects. In Aceh, Indonesia, he oversaw the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement between the Indonesian Government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). In the Philippines he helped create and then facilitate the International Contact Group on the peace process in Mindanao as well as facilitating the resolution of many local armed conflicts in Sulu. In Libya he created a dialogue process among armed groups looking to prevent conflict in the future. In Ukraine, he established and is facilitating a local dialogue process in the conflict ridden East.

David has helped establish and facilitate dialogue process in several other countries including Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar and Papua, Indonesia as well as several confidential processes. He has published works on mediation and was part of a documentary Miles and War. He now resides with his wife and three children in Nicosia, Cyprus.