European Union Satellite Centre

EUSC has a long experience in supporting EU institutions decision-making by providing advice and services resulting from the exploitation of relevant space assets and collateral data, including satellite and aerial imagery, and related services. EUSC is well placed to contribute to the analysis of EU conflict prevention capabilities, in particular, issues relating to dual-use technologies and its application in crisis management missions and operations. EUSC also has extensive experience in various EU-funded research projects and excellent contacts with public and private stakeholders, in particular, in the EU’s institutions and security industry, which helps the EU-CIVCAP project to achieve its objectives.

Participating Team members

Alessandra Ussorio

Alessandra Ussorio is a Projects Coordinator and Deputy Head of COPERNICUS Unit at the SatCen since 2006.

Denis Bruckert

Denis Bruckert is COPERNICUS Coordinator and Head of the COPERNICUS Unit at the SatCen since June 2004.

Jenny Berglund

Jenny Berglund joined the EU Satellite Centre in 2002, where she is currently holding the post as Capability Development Officer, supporting the management of the Capability Development Division in the operational and strategical coordination.

Virginia Fernández Arguedas

Virginia Fernández Arguedas works as a Project Officer of the Capability Development Division and in the Copernicus Unit at the EU SatCen.

Yannick Arnaud

Yannick Arnaud has worked as a Copernicus Project Officer of the Capability Development Division at the SatCen since 2015. With more than 9 years of experience working in the geospatial domain, he has been involved in several European-funded R&D projects in the field of security and space.

Work Packages


Capabilities in conflict prevention and peace-building: technology, personnel and procedures


EU conflict prevention: capabilities and policies


EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Western Balkans and Horn of Africa