External Publications

These publications are published by our Partners and affiliates and hosted on external websites. The hyperlinks below will take you to the externally-hosted publications.

2018: PeaceCapacity Project

Title: Peacebuilding and Local Ownership: A Handbook for Practice

Authors: Jester, N., G. Algar-Faria and A.E. Juncos
 February 2018
Project: PeaceCapacity
ISBN: 978-1-5272-2141-3

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Title: Enhancing the capacities of marginalised groups for inclusive peace processes

Authors: Juncos, A.E.G. Algar-Faria and N. Jester
Date: February 2018
Project: PeaceCapacity
Type: Policy Briefing
Reference: PC1/18

[EXTERNAL; PDF, ~0.2MB; click to access]

2018: SafeSeas Project

Title: Mastering Maritime Security: Reflexive Capacity Building and the Western Indian Ocean Experience – A Best Practice Toolkit

Authors: Bueger, C. and T. Edmunds
 February 2018

[EXTERNAL; PDF, ~4.2MB; click to access]



Title: After Somali piracy, is sailing the Western Indian Ocean safe again?

Authors: Bueger, C. and T. Edmunds
Date: 28 February 2018
Carrier: The Conversation

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2017: IAI blog articles [Italian]

Title: Cyberspazio: non solo guerra e spioni

Author: De Zan, T.
Date: 2 February 2017
Carrier: AffarInternazionali

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Title: Ue: come migliorare gli strumenti civili

Authors: De Zan, T. and B. Venturi
Date: 7 February 2017
Carrier: AffarInternazionali

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