Felix Colchester


Felix Colchester is Policy, Accord and Learning Officer at Conciliation Resources, with responsibilities for UK policy engagement, comparative learning and publications. He joined Conciliation Resources in late 2010, having worked for Mercy Corps UK on a human rights protection programme in Central African Republic. He has previously worked on short-term development projects in Senegal and Mongolia, and completed his Masters in Human Rights Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in 2009. Other than English, he speaks French.


Title: “Interview with Felix Colchester”

Featuring: Felix Colchester (Conciliation Resources)
Produced by: University of Bristol
Series: Capacity Building Workshop Interviews
Length: 00:03:05
 14 May 2018
Related Deliverables:
DLs 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3


DL 3.5
Report on the EU’s support to the conflict prevention work of other actors

Authors: Habbida, N., J. Adama Mohammed, K. Tumutegyereize, L. Heinzel, F. Colchester and D. Tucker
Lead Institution: European Peacebuilding Liaison Office

Published: 30 September 2018

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EU conflict prevention: capabilities and policies

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