Jenny Berglund

EU-CIVCAP Staff Contributor

Jenny Berglund joined the EU Satellite Centre in 2002, where she is currently holding the post as Capability Development Officer, supporting the management of the Capability Development Division in the operational and strategical coordination. She also supports the division’s different projects, as well as drafting of reports and periodical narratives. Before joining the EU SatCen, she was working for the Swedish Ministry of Defence dealing with questions related to the Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU, within the CFSP delegation at the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Articles Authored

Dual-use technologies for conflict prevention and peacebuilding (7 February 2018) - Among the instruments that can be exploited for conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities, dual-use technologies are gaining attention in scholarly and technical debates. Born as spin-offs of military projects, dual-use technologies are now developed in both the military and the civilian domain and operate in a vast number of fields, ranging from biology to security.
Technological shortcomings for EU Conflict Early Warning and Conflict Analysis (3 May 2017) - In accordance with the Treaty of Lisbon (Art. 21c), in 2011 the EU implemented its Conflict Early Warning System (EWS), which is tasked with the systematic collection and analysis of information to identify and understand the risk of violent conflict and to develop strategic responses to mitigate those risks.



DL 2.4
Report on dual-use technologies

Authors: Barbieri, C., J. Berglund and Y. Arnaud
Institution: Istituto Affari Internazionali

Published: 30 January 2018

[PDF, ~1.5MB; click to access]


dl_3-1DL 3.1: Report on Technological Shortcomings in Early Warning and Conflict Analysis

Authors: Berglund, J. and D. Bruckert
Institution: European Union Satellite Centre

Published: 30 January 2017

[PDF, ~1.5MB; click to access]



DL 5.1
Report on EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa and Western Balkans

Authors: Peen Rodt, A., J. Tvilling, P.H. Zartsdahl, M. Ignatijevic, S. Stojanovic Gajic, S. Simons, K. Abdi, E. GilletteN. Habbida, J. Berglund and V. Fernandez Arguedas
Lead Institution: Royal Danish Defence College

Published: 30 October 2017

[PDF, ~1.5MB; click to access]


Work Packages


Capabilities in conflict prevention and peace-building: technology, personnel and procedures


EU conflict prevention: capabilities and policies


EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Western Balkans and Horn of Africa

Institutional Affiliation

European Union Satellite Centre

EUSC has a long experience in supporting EU institutions decision-making by providing advice and services resulting from the exploitation of relevant space assets and collateral data, including satellite and aerial imagery, and related services.