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Title: EU security sector reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Reform or resist?
Author: Juncos, A.E.
Year: 2017
Journal: Contemporary Security Policy
Volume: N/A
Issue: N/A
Pages: 1–24

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Title: Beyond seablindness: a new agenda for maritime security studies
Author: Bueger, C. and T. Edmunds
Year: 2017
Journal: International Affairs
Volume: N/A
Issue: iix174
Pages: 1–19

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Title: Contested Implementation: The Unilateral Influence of Member States on Peacebuilding Policy in Kosovo
Author: Eckhard, S. and H. Dijkstra
Year: 2017
Journal: Global Policy
Volume: 8
Issue: S5
Pages: 102–112

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resilience-juncosTitle: Resilience as the new EU foreign policy paradigm: a pragmatist turn?
Author: Juncos, A.E.
Year: 2016
Journal: European Security
Volume: N/A
Issue: N/A
Pages: 1–18

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globalstrategy-smithTitle: Implementing the Global Strategy where it matters most: the EU’s credibility deficit and the European neighbourhood
Author: Smith, M.E.
Year: 2016
Journal: Contemporary Security Policy
Volume: 37
Issue: 3
Pages: 446–460

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