Official documents

This section contains a list of official EU documents relevant to civilian capabilities in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

  • Council of the EU (2003) A Secure Europe in a Better World. European Security Strategy. Brussels, 12-13 December.
  • Council of the EU (2009), Promoting Synergies between the EU Civil and Military Capability Development, Doc. 15475/09, Brussels, 9 November.
  • Council of the EU (2011a).) Council Conclusions on Conflict Prevention. 3101st FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting (20th June). Luxembourg.
  • Council of the EU (2011b) Council conclusions on the Horn of Africa, 3124th Foreign Affairs Council meeting, Brussels, 14 November.
  • European Commission and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (Commission and HRVP) (2013) The EU’s comprehensive approach to external conflict and crises, HR/VP-Commission Joint Communication to the EP & Council, JOIN(2013) 30 final, Brussels, 11 December.
  • European Commission (2012) The roots of democracy and sustainable development: Europe’s engagement with Civil Society in external relations, Communication to the EP, Council, EESC, CoR COM(2012) 492 final, Brussels, 12 September.
  • European Union (2001) European Union Programme for the Prevention of Violent Conflicts, Goteborg European Council, 15 and 16 June.
  • European Union (2007) Council Conclusions on Security and Development: 2831st External Relations Council Meeting 19-20 November 2007, Brussels: EU.
  • OECD (2012), Evaluating Peacebuilding Activities in Settings of Conflict and Fragility: Improving Learning for Results, DAC Guidelines and References Series, OECD Publishing.
  • OSCE (2011) OSCE Mechanisms and Procedures: Summary/Compendium, 14 September.
  • United Nations (UN) (1992) An Agenda for Peace: Preventive Diplomacy, Peacemaking and Peace-keeping, United Nations, New York.
  • UN (2001) Prevention of Armed Conflict, Report to the Secretary General, United Nations, New York.
  • UN (2004) A More Secure World: Our Shared Responsibility. Report of the Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change, New York: United Nations.
  • UN (2009) A New Participantship Agenda: Charting a New Horizon for UN Peacekeeping.
  • UN (2011) Civilian capacity in the aftermath of conflict: Independent report of the Senior Advisory Group, A/65/747 – S/2011/85, 22 February.
  • UN Secretary General (UNSG) (2004) Report of the Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change, New York: United Nations.
  • World Bank (2014) World Development Report 2014. Risk and Opportunity (The World Bank: Washington DC).