Peter Horne Zartsdahl

EU-CIVCAP Staff Contributor

Peter Horne Zartsdahl is a PhD Fellow at Roskilde University, where his research focuses on the comparative study of civil-military synergies in EU’s missions on the Balkans and the Horn of Africa. He holds a Masters Degree in African Studies from University of Copenhagen and is a former military graduate from the Royal Danish Defence College. He is joins the EU-CIVCAP project from a position as Civil-Military Coordination Officer for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), where he is stationed until May 2015. For his Masters degree, Peter did extensive fieldwork researching institutional and developmental imperatives in NGO efficiency and location choices in DR Congo, South Sudan and Uganda.



Title: “Interview with Peter Horne Zartsdahl”

Featuring: Peter Horne Zartsdahl (Roskilde University)
Produced by: University of Bristol
Series: Capacity Building Workshop Interviews
Length: 00:02:44
 14 May 2018
Related Deliverables:
DLs 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3

Articles Authored

How can the EU better understand and improve civil-military synergies? (30 November 2018) - New Wars and hybrid threats are complex and multidimensional. In response to this complexity, the European Union and the international community at large have faced persistent challenges in aligning civilian and military instruments for coherent responses. And a key stepping stone for wider coherence has been the pursuit of civil-military synergies.
Beyond ad hoc cooperation: How the EU, UN and OSCE can better address conflict (20 September 2017) - Do the EU and its partners also genuinely work together to achieve a unity of effort? In a recent EU-CIVCAP report, we studied whether the EU and other international organisations actually exchange civilian resources within target countries.


DL 1.2
EU-CIVCAP Policy Recommendations: Executive Summary of the Final Report including Guidance for Policymakers

Lead Author: Juncos, A.E.
Lead Institution: University of Bristol
Contributing Authors: G. Algar-Faria, C. Barbieri, T. De Zan, H. Dijkstra, N. Habbida, N. Pirozzi, M.E. Smith, B. Venturi, T. Vogel and P.H. Zartsdahl

Published: 30 September 2018

[PDF, ~14.1MB; click to access]


DL 4.2
Partners in conflict prevention and peacebuilding: How the EU, UN and OSCE exchange civilian capabilities in Kosovo, Mali and Armenia

Authors: Dijkstra, H., E. Mahr, P. Petrov, K. Đokić, P.H. Zartsdahl
Lead Institution: Maastricht University

Published: 4 September 2017

[PDF, ~0.6MB; click to access]


DL 5.1
Report on EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa and Western Balkans

Authors: Peen Rodt, A., J. Tvilling, P.H. Zartsdahl, M. Ignatijevic, S. Stojanovic Gajic, S. Simons, K. Abdi, E. GilletteN. Habbida, J. Berglund and V. Fernandez Arguedas
Lead Institution: Royal Danish Defence College

Published: 30 October 2017

[PDF, ~1.5MB; click to access]


DL 5.3
Report on Civil-Military Synergies on the Ground

Authors: Zartsdahl, P.H. and K. Đokić
Lead Institution: Roskilde University

Published: 29 May 2018

[PDF, ~0.4MB; click to access]



DL 5.4
The EU’s Comprehensive Approach and its Implementation

Authors: Zartsdahl, P.H.K. Đokić and S. Simons
Lead Institution: Roskilde University

Published: 29 November 2018

[PDF, ~2.1MB; click to access]



DL 7.2
EU-CIVCAP Brochure: Best Practices in EU Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

Lead Author: Smith, M.E.
Lead Institution: University of Aberdeen
Contributing Authors: K. Abdi, C. Barbieri, E. Gillette, T. De Zan, H. Dijkstra, A.E. Juncos, N. Habbida, N. Pirozzi, S. Simons, B. Venturi, P.H. Zartsdahl

Published: 12 October 2018

[PDF, ~1.2MB; click to access]


Journal articles

Title: The EU’s partners in crisis response and peacebuilding: complementarities and synergies with the UN and OSCE
Authors: Dijkstra, H., E. Mahr, P. Petrov, K. Đokić and P.H. Zartsdahl
Year: 2018
Journal: Global Affairs
Volume: 4
Issue: 2–3
Pages: 185–196

[Access provided via Taylor & Francis Online]



Title: Civil–military synergies in EU crisis response and peacebuilding: a framework for analysis
Author: Zartsdahl, P.H.
Year: 2018
Journal: Global Affairs
Volume: 4
Issue: 2–3
Pages: 197–213

[Access provided via Taylor & Francis Online]



Work Packages


European and international responses to conflict early response


EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Western Balkans and Horn of Africa


Local capacity-building strategies


Lessons identified, lessons learned, and best practices


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Institutional Affiliation

Roskilde University

Staff members at RUC have formed an interdisciplinary research group with expertise in international development, international relations and peace studies, among others.