Ryerson Christie

EU-CIVCAP Staff Co-Investigator Contributor

Ryerson Christie is a Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies. His research focuses on the interaction between local communities, NGOs and the state.  Drawing on primary research using qualitative and ethnographic methods his work has sought to identify how security practices have altered relations between communities and states.  His research currently explores both peacebuilding and disaster management in insecure spaces.  His work has received funding from the Canadian Government’s Security and Defence Forum (a Doctoral Fellowship), the Canadian Consortium for Human Security (a CCHS Doctoral Fellowship), and he is currently working on a EU Framework 7 project (VUELCO), which involves fieldwork in communities at risk from natural hazards to determine mechanisms to improve local community capacity building and resilience.

Articles Authored

Local ownership in EU local capacity building (5 November 2018) - Deliverable 6.3 identifies lessons to be learned from a range of peacebuilding initiatives in Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Somalia/Somaliland. These form the basis of a series of best practice recommendations on how to maximise the potential impact of localisation policies to foster long-term sustainable peace.



DL 6.3
Report on best practices in EU local capacity building

Authors: Christie, R.G. Algar-FariaA.E. JuncosK. Đokić, M. Ignjatijević, N. HabbidaK. AbdiS. Simons and E. Gillette
Lead Institution: University of Bristol

Published: 24 September 2018

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Consortium management


Capabilities in conflict prevention and peace-building: technology, personnel and procedures


Local capacity-building strategies


Lessons identified, lessons learned, and best practices


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Institutional Affiliation

University of Bristol

The Global Insecurities Centre at the University of Bristol is a multidisciplinary centre and has an excellent track-record in research funding and publication in the area of conflict, security and development.