Stephen Pritchard

Expert Network Expert of the Month – March 2018 Contributor

Stephen Pritchard has managed programmes, projects and operations in over a dozen conflict-affected countries and advised governments and organisations in Laos, South Sudan and Uganda. He has worked across a variety of themes from stabilisation, mine action, arms control, electoral observation, food security and peacebuilding. One of the first British Army officers to be deployed in response to 9/11 (admittedly to the global counter-terror HQ in.. Florida), he has worked in Somalia as its Government recovered control over its capital and other major cities; northern Sri Lanka during the breakdown of the ceasefire in 2006; and during crises in Cote d’Ivoire, Central African Republic and Chad. Working in senior leadership positions at the Headquarters of the UN Mine Action Service and at International Alert, he has supported and overseen politically significant and sensitive initiatives in Syria and Iraq, and has seen how space for traditional international civil society actors has shrunk, at home as much as abroad. Steve has two Masters degrees (aerospace engineering from Manchester and international policy and practise from SAIS) and lives in London.

Articles Authored

UN Reforms: The Best Intentions Only Go So Far (1 March 2018) - The reform agenda of United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres is a welcome, belated intervention that has adopted an inevitable, necessarily deliberate pace. Yet the Security Council today is an anachronism, and must change to reflect the world today. Will Mr Guterres take his eye off this bigger prize?


Title: “Interview with Stephen Pritchard”

Featuring: Stephen Pritchard (International Alert)
Produced by: University of Bristol
Series: Capacity Building Workshop Interviews
Length: 00:02:00
 14 May 2018
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