Steven Blockmans

EU-CIVCAP Staff Work Package Leader – WP 8

Steven Blockmans is a senior research fellow and the head of the ‘EU foreign policy’ and ‘politics and institutions’ units of CEPS. His expertise lies at the crossroads of international and EU law and governance. He has published widely on the institutional structures for EU external action, the Union’s role in global governance, norm promotion (inside out) and norm absorption (outside in), the EU enlargement policy, relations with neighbouring countries, Common Foreign and Security Policy, Common Security and Defence Policy, trade, development, and humanitarian aid. Steven is a Professor of EU External Relations Law and Governance at the University of Amsterdam (part-time) and one of the founding members of the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER).

Journal articles

Title: The EU’s role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding: four key challenges
Authors: Juncos, A.E. and S. Blockmans
Year: 2018
Journal: Global Affairs
Volume: 4
Issue: 2–3
Pages: 131–140

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Work Packages


European and international responses to conflict early response


Lessons identified, lessons learned, and best practices


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Institutional Affiliation

Centre for European Policy Studies

CEPS serves as a leading centre for debate on EU affairs, and has strong expertise on EU foreign and security policy. Located in Brussels and with an extensive network of participant institutes throughout the world, CEPS is well placed to lead the dissemination work package (WP8).