Our publications are updated regularly. All publications can be downloaded free of charge. Please select from the categories below.



These are documents produced by EU-CIVCAP for the European Commission, as agreed in its Grant Agreement. These include detailed reports on the EU’s civilian capabilities in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Feature: Capacity Building

This is a collection of the documents produced as part of EU-CIVCAP’s work on DL 6.1: Evaluating international efforts on local capacity building. These works have collectively led to the creation of the PeaceCapacity impact project.

Journal articles

These are published articles in peer-reviewed international journals. All journal articles are published with Open Access rights, meaning that you can freely download them at any time without an individual or institutional subscription.


EU-CIVCAP’s quarterly newsletters, managed by our Partner CEPS, continually summarise the project’s progress in organising events, conducting research and producing deliverables and wider publications. It also contains editorials from our workshops.

Policy Briefings

EU-CIVCAP produces regular policy briefings, which are short, concise documents summarising our recommendations on specific areas of the EU’s civilian capabilities in conflict prevention and peacebuilding for the policy community.

Working Papers

EU-CIVCAP Working Papers showcase our present research, with the advantage that they are released ahead of journal articles. Each Working Paper is considered to be a work in progress. You can freely download them at any time.