Selection for the EU-CIVCAP consortium was based on academic and professional reputation, experience with the topic and an excellent track-record with European research. There are 12 European participants (including CR as a linked party of EPLO), each of which undertakes work at the cutting edge of EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding. The participants have expertise in conflict prevention and peacebuilding (Bristol, RUC, IAI, EPLO, TS), European foreign and security policy (Bristol, Maastricht, RUC, Aberdeen, IAI, CEPS, EUSC, EPLO), security and defence technologies (IAI, EUSC), learning (Aberdeen, Bristol) and the Western Balkans and the Horn of Africa (Bristol, Maastricht, Roskilde, CEPS, EPLO, BCSP, TS). The participants complement each other well in their work on the core disciplines and methodologies required to complete project objectives, with a good balance and spread of expertise, as demonstrated in the table below.

Expertise of the consortium


Consortium structure