Challenges on trade routes between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Despite growing political tensions, Pakistan had remained Afghanistan’s largest trading partner until 2015. However, from 2016 onwards, Iran has taken over as the country’s key trading partner. Understanding, and addressing, challenges to trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan will help both governments to revive economic ties.

PeaceCapacity closes

Correspondent: Gilberto Algar-Faria Date: 31 May 2018 Article PeaceCapacity has now officially closed, having published its final project deliverable: a summary policy briefing. The project was designed to support the meaningful integration of civil society actors in Kosovo and the Horn of Africa (particularly marginalised groups, e.g. women/girls) into peace processes. It did so through the facilitation of … Continue reading PeaceCapacity closes

Workshop 5 – “The EU and local capacity building”

The workshop on the EU and local capacity building took place on 14 May 2018 in Bristol, UK. The event was attended by participants from the academic community, civil society, international organisations and representatives from the private sector.

Final EU-CIVCAP Peacebuilding Forum to take place 22 May 2018

We are pleased to announce that the final EU-CIVCAP Peacebuilding Forum will take place at CEPS, Brussels, on 22 May 2018. It will be entitled “The EU’s foreign policy and commitment to gender, peace and security”. This post contains the draft agenda.